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Haffner & Morgan is your go-to legal team when it comes to major and minor car accidents. Our team is experience in all of the following common cases: Rear-end, Side-impact, Head-on collision, Multi-vehicle collision

Haffner & Morgan’s car accident attorneys work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.


The Help Of Haffner & Morgan

Haffner & Morgan stand equipped to help, recommend and advocate the injured via the technique of an vehicle mobile twist of fate. Haffner & Morgan will straight away release a prison research into your case and the situations surrounding the crash. This research can be the inspiration of a sturdy case for you through amassing proof along with riding records, eye-witness statements, media reports, pics or video, and a whole evaluation of the street situations and capability infrastructure problems, which might also additionally have contributed to the automobile twist of fate. These first steps for an vehicle mobile twist of fate lawyer lay the premise for organising the defendant`s fault.

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Coinciding with this technique, the automobile twist of fate legal professionals at Haffner & Morgan will start the technique of communique with the primary and 0.33 celebration coverage organizations. This establishes the quantity of coverage cash can be to be had to the twist of fate sufferer from the coverage organizations after proving liability. If the care you’re receiving out of your medical health insurance is insufficient in treating your injuries, the automobile twist of fate legal professionals can refer you to physicians who might be capable of deal with on a lien basis. That is, they might be treating you for fee to be acquired after your agreement or jury-verdict.


Different Kinds of Car Accidents

In addition to the greater not unusual place automobile injuries mentioned above, there are quite a few vehicle mobile twist of fate instances that we serve: 1) Road Rage, 2) High Speed Crashes, 3) Texting & Driving, 4) Drunk Driving Accident, 5) Rollover Accident

1) Road Rage.

In cases of “road rage,” drivers use their vehicle as a weapon. Such drivers will often face serious criminal charges.

2) High Speed Crashes.

Recent studies have found that speeding was cited as a factor in 30 percent of all deadly auto accidents in the U.S., and that number is likely a conservative estimate.

3) Texting And Driving.

The Majority of states have implemented bans on texting and driving. Ignoring these laws could cost drivers a hefty fine, but it still pales in comparison to the costs associated with major car accidents.

4) Drunk Driving Accidents.

Public awareness campaigns over the past several decades have started to decrease the number of alcohol-fueled crashes, but they still remain a serious problem across the country.

5) Rollover Accidents.

These are often extremely serious crashes, and a vehicle defect or poor road conditions can sometimes be factors. An experienced attorney can help prove a design or manufacturing defect in your vehicle or the road, street, or highway contributed to a rollover crash.


Choosing The Right Attorney For Your Case

The main reason of accidents with inside the United States is car injuries. It`s now no longer sudden while you reflect on consideration on it: 4 thousand pound hunks of steel hurtling down the toll road can do glaringly do brilliant harm to the human frame in methods each seen and invisible. Serious accidents to the brain, spinal cord, bones, tendons, muscle mass and connective tissue are unluckily all too common. It is mainly hard for the ones injured to heal from their accidents even as concurrently address the automobile restore facilities, condominium vehicle agencies, coverage adjusters, clinical carriers and billing and series outfits.

Those injured in an car coincidence with the aid of using the negligence of every other driving force frequently run into the problems and roadblocks positioned up with the aid of using coverage businesses while looking to be made complete for the losses they`ve suffered. In fact, many do brilliant harm to their rights and the cost in their instances while they are attempting to “manage it themselves.” Individuals with prison illustration obtain over 3 instances the recuperation than the ones without. Haffner & Morgan stand geared up to help, recommend and recommend the injured via the process.


Choosing The Right Attorney For Your Case

At Haffner & Morgan we take a consumer first method in the whole thing from rear cease motor-automobile injuries to wrongful demise suits. In all matters, we’re ethical, competitive and tireless advocates for our clients. Our understanding and enjoy make us nicely geared up to deal with even the maximum complicated matters.

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