Play Call of Duty Mobile on your PC with the official emulator Gameloop

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Gameloop might not sound like a familiar name, but it’s just the rebranded Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, which was the official PUBG Mobile emulator released back in 2018. It has since expanded the list of supported games considerably, and now includes all of Tencent’s most popular games like Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Garena Free Fire, Arena of Valor, and more.

The official Call of Duty Mobile PC emulator

Sure, you can download Call of Duty Mobile on other Android emulators like Bluestacks, but only Gameloop has the official backing of Tencent. Judging by how well optimized PUBG Mobile is for the emulator at this point, you can expect great performance on CoD Mobile, as well.

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I’ve been playing with the emulator for a while now, and it works great. It’s easy to forget that you’re playing a free-to-play mobile version of Call of Duty. That is until it starts bombarding you with IAP requests. It uses the same tried-and-tested keyboard control scheme as PUBG Mobile, enabling full customization if they don’t suit you.

Even better, Gameloop allows you to set up a controller to play CoD Mobile. The mobile version of the game also supports a few controllers, but your options are much better with PC game controllers. Unless you’re playing a quick pick-up game while out and about, playing Call of Duty Mobile on PC is much more comfortable.

The Call of Duty Mobile emulator takes another page from the PUBG Mobile book when it comes to matchmaking. The game offers full cross-play capabilities but limits your opponents to those playing on the same platform. This means that the game will match emulator players with other emulator players and mobile players with other mobile players.

If a party contains mixed emulator/mobile players, the game can handle that too. The game will match them with other players in the same situation. Of course, sometimes the matchmaking logic would have to jump through more hoops. For example, if say, one player is using a controller on mobile. However, that’s essentially how it works. Keep that in mind when teaming up with your friends as it might put them at a serious disadvantage.

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