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Free conference calling app is a communication tool that enables people or groups to hold online audio or video meetings without paying any out-of-pocket expenses. Smartphones, PCs, and other connected devices can be used by attendees to join these virtual meetings from different locations. Even though many free conference calling providers provide basic capabilities like phone or video conferences without any additional fees, others may impose restrictions on the number of attendees or the length of meetings. With no need for pricey memberships or specialised hardware, these services are useful for personal, professional, or educational goals. They offer a practical approach to interact and collaborate with others online.

Free Conference Calling App Download

You can download free conference calling apps from app stores like Google Play Store (for Android) or Apple App Store (for iOS). Some popular options include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Skype. Just search for the app you prefer in your device’s app store, and follow the download and installation instructions.

Few popular free conference calling apps:

1. Zoom: Zoom is a widely-used video conferencing app known for its ease of use and features like screen sharing and virtual backgrounds.

2. Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that offers video conferencing, chat, file sharing, and integration with Microsoft 365 apps.

3. Google Meet: Google Meet is Google’s video conferencing solution, integrated with G Suite, allowing easy access to video meetings and screen sharing.

4. Skype: Skype is a long-standing video and voice calling app, offering group calls and chat, making it suitable for both personal and professional use.

Remember to check for the latest features and updates, as the capabilities of these apps may change over time.

Features specifications for a few popular conference calling apps:

1. Zoom:

– A video conferencing platform with room for hundreds of people.
– Screen annotation and sharing.
— Computerised backgrounds.
– Transcription and recording.
– File sharing and chitchat.
– Integration with third-party apps and calendars.

2. Microsoft Teams: 

– Video and audio conferencing are available
– Chat in real time.
– Connection to Microsoft 365 applications.
– Collaboration and file sharing.
– Private chats and team channels.
– Live broadcasting of events.

3. Google Meet:

– High-definition video and audio quality
– Screen sharing and teamwork applications.
– Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) integration.
– Live captioning.
– Encrypted and secure meetings.
– Google Calendar integration.

4. Skype:

– Group and individual video and audio calls.
– File sharing and chitchat.
– Sharing of screens.
– Account integration with Microsoft.
– SMS and international calling.
– Recording calls.

Please be aware that as the apps are updated, these characteristics may change, therefore it’s a good idea to check the relevant app stores or websites for the most recent features and specifications.

Pros and cons for a few popular conference calling apps:


– User-friendly interface.
– Support for large meetings and webinars.
– Wide range of features, including breakout rooms and virtual backgrounds.
– Cross-platform compatibility (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS).
– Strong security options with password protection and waiting rooms.

– Some security and privacy concerns in the past (though Zoom has improved security measures).
– Limited duration for free meetings (usually 40 minutes).
– Frequent updates may require users to stay current with the app.

Microsoft Teams:

– Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 apps like Word and Excel.
– Robust team collaboration features.
– Persistent chat and threaded conversations.
– Excellent for businesses already using Microsoft products.
– Available on multiple platforms.

– Can be overwhelming for users looking for a simple video conferencing solution.
– Fewer customization options compared to some competitors.
– May require a Microsoft 365 subscription for advanced features.

Google Meet:

– High-quality video and audio.
– Integration with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).
– Easy access through Google Calendar.
– Strong security and encryption.
– Simple and user-friendly interface.

– Limited features in the free version (e.g., no recording).
– May lack some advanced collaboration tools compared to competitors.
– Best suited for users already within the Google ecosystem.


– Long-standing reputation and widespread use.
– Cross-platform support.
– Good for personal and small group video calls.
– Easy-to-use interface.
– International calling and SMS options.

– Fewer features compared to some modern conferencing apps.
– May not be ideal for large business meetings.
– Limited support for integration with other apps and services.

The pros and cons of each app can vary depending on your specific needs and preferences, so it’s important to consider what features are most important to you when choosing a conference calling app.

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